Children’s Dental Care in Southampton

Dentistry for Children

Children’s teeth are prone to decay, just like adult’s teeth, so it is essential that your child is taught the importance of good oral hygiene and a healthy diet – even when they still have their milk teeth. In fact, shockingly tooth extraction under general anaesthetic accounts for the largest number of child admissions into hospital.

Most children will start to lose their teeth from around the age of 6, when the permanent ones start to come through from below. Children tend to lose their upper and lower front teeth first, followed by their back teeth, with the baby molars falling out last. It is not uncommon for your children’s teeth to be misaligned until all their teeth are through – and this can be anywhere between the ages of 10-16.

6 month checkups

The earlier that you can start to bring your children to our private dental practice in Southampton, the more familiar and comfortable they will feel when visiting. We recommend that from the age of 3 your child has six monthly check-ups, as decay on children can happen quickly and catch everyone unaware.

We also offer Denplan for children from as little as £6.39 per month.