Routine Check Ups and Consultations

Why routine dental appointments are important

Going to the dentist regularly is an appointment that most people put off, but a simple check-up not only gives you the opportunity to showcase your smile, but helps to maintain your health and wellbeing.

At Oakley Road Dental Practice, Southampton, our experts are here to discuss and advise on your oral health, routines and diet, and will recommend a treatment plan to prevent problems occurring in the future. It is essential that you take care of your teeth today, for a brighter, whiter tomorrow.

Prevention is better than cure

We want to detect underlying problems before they occur, which is why we x-ray your teeth each time you visit. By taking x-rays at your routine check-up, allows us to see what’s lying above and below the gum line and helps us to spot decay before it leads to gum disease.

Dental cleaning

However diligent a brusher and flosser you think you may be, there are always hard to reach teeth which are difficult to clean. So, to prevent potential cavities from occurring, our dentists and hygienists like to give your teeth a professional clean.

Gum disease prevention

Many medical problems are linked to the mouth, such as gingivitis (more commonly known as gum disease). At every check-up, our dentists and hygienists will examine your teeth and recommend ways in which to keep your mouth healthy.

Dietary and lifestyle advice

A bad diet of sugary snacks and fizzy drinks or bad habits such as smoking, biting your nails or clenching your jaw, can all lead to oral damage. Small changes to your lifestyle can make huge differences to your teeth, and our wonderful team can advise and guide you on how to do this.

Oral cancer prevention

Mouth cancer is the 10th most common cancer in men in the UK and 15th most common in women. It is an extremely serious disease, but can be easily treated when caught early enough. Our dentists are highly trained in recognising the symptoms of oral cancer, and will screen you at every check-up.