Dental Bridges in Southampton

A dental bridge can be used when a tooth or multiple teeth need to be removed or replaced.


One of these options being a dental bridge. A bridge is a false tooth or teeth that are fixed in place by using neighbouring teeth to fill the gaps of any missing teeth. Not only does a bridge enable your mouth to function as normal, it also looks aesthetically better than an empty space.

Typically, we use two types of bridges:

  • A fixed bridge where the missing tooth is replaced by attaching to a crown on one or both sides.
  • A Maryland bridge that adheres to the back of one tooth at the side of the gap

Appointment one will include taking impressions of the preparations that are then sent to the dental lab. Here The dental technician will construct the bridges. Appointment two will include the cementation using modern bonding resins or cement.

Amazing dental practice and to pay by finance which was easy and simple to do..any time Iv had a problem they have got me in straight away,I can not recommend this dentist enough

Andrea Walker