Meet Will Dolan – New Dentist to Oakley Road Family

Meet Will Dolan – New Dentist to Oakley Road Family

Meet Will Dolan – New Dentist to Oakley Road Family

Join us in extending a warm welcome to the newest member of the Oakley Road Dental Practice familyDr. Will Dolan. In this brief introduction, we’ll provide you with a glimpse into Dr. Dolan’s journey, philosophy, and commitment to dental excellence. With a passion for gentle dentistry, a focus on the latest industry trends, and a dedication to creating a comfortable and informative atmosphere for patients, Dr. Dolan brings a fresh perspective to our practice. As he steps into our dental family, we invite you to get to know the person behind the profession and discover how his approach to dental care aligns seamlessly with our commitment to your oral health and well-being.

What inspired you to become a dentist?

Dr. Will: Well, my inspiration came from some rather unpleasant experiences I had when I was younger. A filling left me with severe dental anxiety, but a few years later, a new dentist helped me manage that anxiety through proper care and understanding. I’m determined to prove that dental experiences can be better than what many people, including myself, have gone through.

Can you tell us a bit about your philosophy when it comes to dentistry?

Dr. Will: My philosophy centers around the lightest possible touch to keep people healthy and happy. I believe in providing dental care that’s gentle and minimally invasive.

Could you share your specialization goals and any future plans in the field?

Dr. Will: My immediate goal is to complete my Postgraduate Diploma in restorative dentistry, and I’m aiming to specialize in implants in the future. Restorative dentistry fascinates me, and I see implants as a way to make a significant impact on patients’ lives.

Could you share your specialization goals and any future plans in the field?

Dr. Will: My immediate goal is to complete my Postgraduate Diploma in restorative dentistry, and I’m aiming to specialize in implants in the future. Restorative dentistry fascinates me, and I see implants as a way to make a significant impact on patients’ lives.

Could you tell us about the latest trends in dentistry, and how you incorporate them into your practice?

Dr. Will: Currently, I’m quite intrigued by biomimetic dentistry. It’s all about making our work mimic what nature does. It’s an ongoing process, but the aim is to provide dental solutions that closely resemble the natural structure of teeth, ensuring better outcomes for our patients.

Preventative care is crucial in maintaining oral health. How do you emphasize this in your practice?

Dr. Will: Prevention is indeed key. I believe it’s far better to address a problem before it starts. In my practice, I emphasize the importance of preventive care as the main focus. Educating patients about how to prevent dental issues and maintaining good oral hygiene is a core aspect of what I do.

Can you tell us more about how you make patients feel more at ease?

Dr. Will: Absolutely. Dentistry can be shrouded in mystery, and that often adds to people’s anxiety. I like to keep things informal and have a chat with patients. I believe that by helping them understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how to prevent it in the future, we empower them and reduce their anxiety.

Moving on to your goals, both personal and professional, could you share some insights?

Dr. Will: Personally, I want to continue developing my restorative skills with a focus on implants in the future. Professionally, my goal is to create a pleasant environment where people feel comfortable seeking dental care.

You must encounter various challenges in your profession. What are some of the most significant ones you face?

Dr. Will: Dentistry can indeed be stressful, and this stress can accumulate over time. It can also be tough personally and emotionally, especially when you see colleagues struggling with these challenges.

What advice would you offer to someone considering a career in dentistry, given the challenges you’ve mentioned?

Dr. Will: It’s tough, there’s no doubt about it. But it’s incredibly rewarding. You have to be committed and resilient, but I don’t regret my choice for a second. The impact you can have on people’s lives is truly worth it.

It’s clear that you’re passionate about your work. On a lighter note, what’s your favorite aspect of your job?

Dr. Will: I genuinely enjoy meeting a variety of people and getting to know a bit about them. It adds a personal touch to my practice, and I find it very rewarding.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of dentistry?

Dr. Will: I enjoy exploring with my dog, Moose, a black lab, golfing, and watching ice hockey. These days, I find myself watching more hockey than playing, though.

And lastly, for our bookworm readers, do you have a favorite book you’d like to recommend?

Dr. Will: “World Without End” by Ken Follett is an absolute favorite of mine. It’s a fantastic read that I think many would enjoy.

As Dr. Will Dolan embarks on this new chapter with the Oakley Road Dental Practice, we’re excited to witness the positive impact he’ll bring to our dental family. His philosophy of gentle dentistry, emphasis on preventive care, and dedication to patient comfort align perfectly with our core values. We look forward to the journey ahead, where together, we’ll continue to provide you with exceptional dental care in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Dr. Dolan as he enriches our practice with his expertise and passion. Thank you for your trust and loyalty, and we can’t wait to serve you with the same commitment to excellence that you’ve come to expect from Oakley Road Dental Practice.

Ready to experience the difference of Dr. Will Dolan's gentle and patient-focused approach to dentistry?

We’re thrilled to announce that he is now accepting new patients at Oakley Road Dental Practice. Don’t wait to take the first step towards a healthier and happier smile. Book your appointment today and discover the personalized care that sets us apart. Your journey to optimal oral health starts here.


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Exciting News at Oakley Road Dental

Exciting News at Oakley Road Dental

Hello Everyone!

We hope you had a lovely Easter break in 2022. Below we would just like to update you on some exciting things we have going on at the practice as well as some general news.

Firstly, we would like to welcome two very experienced nurses to the team, Lisa and Ange.  You may remember Lisa from working here previously, she just can’t stay away!  Ange is also qualified in Beauty, and we are all looking forward to getting our summer pedicures!   We would like to inform everyone that Ian will be leaving the team, we have loved Ian working with us however our new Hygienist Sarah Masterton has already started with us and she will be covering Ian’s Tuesdays.  You may remember her previously, another member of staff that just can’t keep away from Oakley Road! As some of you may know, we have been expanding our treatment list at the practice and are so excited to announce that Dimitrios is taking on Implant patients and already has many happy patients.   If you are interested in a consultation, then please call the reception team to register your interest.

Secondly, as of 1st April, we have relaunched and simplified our Invisalign packages, we are now calling them the Diamond and Pearl packages.  We are one of the most successful Invisalign practices in Hampshire with Mel already having passed the premier status, she is now an Elite provider!  We are so very proud of her. We are still offering complimentary consultations. If you are interested in carrying out treatment please do not hesitate to contact us and using our iTero scanners we can show you how your teeth can look after treatment before you proceed.

As many of you are aware we have been out of stock of orange Tepe EasyPiks for quite some time. Just last week we finally had a restock of these alongside our Oral B Pro2 Electric Toothbrushes. You can now pop by the practice to purchase both at the reception desk.

Finally, the biggest news we have to date is that our lovely hygienist Michelle is finally getting married in May.  After two years of postponing due to COVID, she is finally making it down the aisle to become Mrs. Teather-Lovejoy – So a huge congratulations to our Michelle!

Exciting News at Oakley Road Dental

How often should I replace my toothbrush?

When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush? We throw out expired foods, restock vitamins and supplements, and replace our beauty products often, but when it comes to health and beauty, it’s our dental hygiene that doesn’t get as much attention as other areas. However, there are important rules and tips you should follow for maintaining optimal dental health.

When to change my toothbrush/replace my toothbrush head?

Most dentists and hygienists recommend changing your toothbrush/toothbrush head every 3 months. Overtime, toothbrushes go through normal wear and tear and become less effective with removing plaque from teeth and gums. Studies have found that around 3 months is when the bristles break down and lose effectiveness.

If you can’t remember exactly how long it’s been, pay particular attention to the condition your toothbrush head is in – whether the bristles are worn out, fan out, or frayed, or especially if you see dark colour changes, which is a sign of mold.

Exciting News at Oakley Road Dental

What is Periodontal Disease?

Are your gums swollen and sensitive? Do they bleed easily after brushing? Do you struggle with bad breath that just won’t go away? If you answered ‘Yes’ you might be suffering from Periodontal Disease.

What is Periodontal Disease? 

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease. The inflammation is part of the body’s natural defense mechanisms and occurs in response to a build-up of plaque (bacteria) on the teeth. In some patients, this natural inflammatory process is too severe or poorly controlled and the inflammation damages the supporting structures of the teeth, namely the gums and supporting bone. Whilst we can control this process and stop the bone loss from getting worse, the bone loss is usually irreversible.

Who gets periodontal disease?

Approximately 10% of the population are severely affected by periodontal disease and by the age of 60 years old around 80% of people will display some bone loss, albeit mild. There appears to be some genetic link with periodontal disease, with trends running in families. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, then potentially your siblings are at increased risk of having the same problem and potentially your children may also be at increased risk. Ideally, they should all be screened and monitored for potential problems by their dentist.

Does anything make it worse?

The single biggest risk factor for developing gum disease, after poor oral hygiene, is smoking. Smokers lose three times more teeth than non-smokers and they do not respond as well to treatment as non-smokers. There are other conditions such as poorly controlled diabetes, poor diet or stress that can also play their part. Stopping smoking is a very important part of controlling this disease and preventing tooth loss. Should you wish to quit

smoking, the best people to speak to would be your GP or local stop smoking clinic. We are also happy to offer advice.

What can I do to help?

Your role in the management and stabilisation of the disease is crucial. We will show you techniques aimed at helping you clean your teeth to a very high standard so that the bacteria levels are below the level that triggers inflammation. This is different from one patient to the next. Without this change in home care, our treatment cannot be successful. Controlling the risk factors outlined above is an important part of helping yourself control your disease.

Can it be treated?

Periodontal disease can be treated successfully; however, we cannot cure it. Similar to diabetes, there is no cure, but by stabilising the disease, we can prevent further damage and allow you to keep your teeth for a long time.

What if I don’t have treatment?

If the bone loss around the teeth is not controlled, then teeth may become loose, gums may shrink and, in some cases, teeth may become infected or even fall out.



  • Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes morning and evening with a soft headed toothbrush – preferably electric with a pressure sensor and timer – we recommend oral B Pro2/3
  • Clean your teeth using interdental aids – we recommend using floss or Tepe/Icon brushes
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste and do not rinse with water after brushing – if you prefer to use a mouthwash just make sure it contains fluoride – we recommend Fluoriguard
  • Maintain regular visits to see your dentist and hygienist – for routine examinations we recommend every 6 months
  • Maintain a healthy balanced diet and drink water as much as possible throughout the day and night.
Invisalign Open Event Sat 8th May 2021 9am – 2pm

Invisalign Open Event Sat 8th May 2021 9am – 2pm

£150 of Invisalign Packages, Enlighten Teeth Whitening & Mini Smile Makeover

We will be offering for 1 day only £150.00 off Invisalign packagesEnlighten teeth whitening and Mini smile makeover (Cosmetic Bonding).

Limited space and appointment based only!

Appointment deposit of £50.00 is required per patient, however this is refundable if you decide to proceed or not.

Greeted with refreshments, entered into a competition with some fantastic prizes and goody bags up for grabs.

All our Covid safety precautions for our staff and patients will be in place. If you do have any concerns please talk to us before booking.

Book now to avoid disappointment!

Call us on 02380 771450 or message us during opening hours to make your appointment and confirm your time.

Christmas Update 2020

Christmas Update 2020

To all of our patients at Oakley Road,

As 2020 draws to a close, we would just like to keep you up to date on our plans for Christmas and the new year. We would also like to thank you for your loyalty and ongoing support throughout a very challenging year.

We would love for 2021 to be as normal as possible however with current guidelines still in place and until further notice we will be continuing with the current procedures that we have in place to keep everybody safe.

Some positive changes:

Online booking

Our online booking system will be fully back up and running by January 2021 for all new and routine appointments.


Our complimentary service is now back up and running – we are aware there have been slight glitches so if you know you have recently had an appointment please ignore the reminder. We also urge patients to keep note of when your appointments are due and not to rely on our reminders.

More availability with Neha

Due to popular demand our newest Dentist Neha is now opening her diary on Fridays from 2021 as well as Monday and Tuesday. So please call us or book online to arrange your appointments for the new year.

Dental implants with Dimitrios

Dimitrios is now offering Dental Implants Oakley Road. If you are interested in this particular treatment please mention this at your next appointment.

Thank you for your cooperation

We would also like to thank you all for your cooperation throughout this year as well as understanding. At Oakley Road Dental Practice our staff and patients have worked extremely hard together to ensure the practice can remain open and protect each other.

Christmas Emergency Service

We are providing an emergency on call service over the Christmas period. Should you need us, just call reception on 02380 771450 and follow the instructions of our answer message.

Merry Christmas!

On behalf of all the team at Oakley Road, we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Please remember to stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.