We may be reeling from the effects of a dreary, drab winter but with the summer months rapidly approaching it’s time to rejuvenate and give our skin some pampering. Here at Oakley Road Dental Practice, getting you summer ready is as simple as 1,2,3…glow.

Age old problems

There are certain age defining moments in life such as taking your driving test, being legally allowed to vote or finding your first wrinkle! Those dreaded lines and unsightly creases make us feel old, no matter how young we are.

From being out in the sun to grabbing a ready meal on the go or meeting friends for an alfresco drink, we are unknowingly contributing to the aging process thanks to our busy lifestyles. Whilst we know that as we get older lines and wrinkles are inevitable; at times adding character and emphasising our expressions; we don’t want them to define the way we look.

So, if your once glowing skin is now starting to sag and you long for smoother, silkier more radiant skin, now could be the time to consider some cosmetic beauty treatments. Offering a little helping hand, you can fend off folds and flatten out creases with our range of anti-aging remedies.

Looking good, feeling great

There is no shortage of beauty creams currently on the market which guarantee to turn back time, firm up skin and rid you of wrinkles. And if you believe their hype, these so-called miracle products will have you splashing your cash in no time at all.

Whilst a good beauty routine can rehydrate and moisturise your skin, it can’t take away the appearance of lines. In order to visibly restore your skin’s natural beauty, why not try Facial Aesthetics? Softening the signs of aging you’ll benefit from smoother, firmer, brighter skin and be left glowing from the inside out.

The difference between Botox and Fillers

Often referred to in conversation interchangeably, Botox and Fillers are actually two very different treatments. Both may be given via small injections, but that is where the similarity ends.

Botox relaxes and freezes muscles, minimising the appearance of wrinkles, whilst fillers add fullness and volume to areas that have sagged or thinned over time. At Oakley Road Dental Practice, we offer various types of cosmetic treatments and can advise and consult on the best procedure for your individual needs.

Botox treatment can combat wrinkles and lines from aging.

Benefits of Botox

First introduced over 30 years ago to treat eye muscle spasms, Botox is today mainly used for cosmetic reasons. Commonly utilised between the eyebrows, around the eyes and over the forehead it is primarily employed to combat wrinkles and lines.

Our skin needs collagen in order to repair damaged tissue caused by sun radiation, smoking and even laughing. As we age, collagen production starts to decrease, and our lifestyle choices start to have an impact on our skin. Therefore Botox offers a great way of fighting the signs of natural ageing and can provide you with instant relief from lines, wrinkles and even crows’ feet.

Botox is made using botulinum toxin which is a natural, purified protein, injected into the skin to temporarily relax the facial muscles. The end results are considered to be subtle, natural looking and can last up to 4 months.

When you think of having Botox you may not instinctively think about visiting your dentist, but at Oakley Road Dental Practice we understand that confidence can mean more than a brilliant smile and are pleased to be able to offer this specialised treatment to our patients.

Benefits of Facial Fillers

Fillers may have had a bad press over the past few years due to the over inflated lips and cheek bones that are constantly paraded by celebrities. But facial fillers, when applied professionally, can help to add volume and bounce to your skin in a subtle and natural way. Facial fillers are most popular for smoothing lines in areas such as the mouth, chin and nose and can add shape to the lips and define cheek bones.

Most fillers use hyaluronic acid, which is an element already produced in the skin and helps to improve and maintain hydration, elasticity and the production of collagen. By supporting the skin’s structure and working at a deep dermal level, fillers offer the perfect solution for delaying the signs of ageing and results can last anywhere from between 6-18 months before fading.

At Oakley Road Dental Practice we would recommend facial fillers to anyone who is looking to plump out or freshen up their skin, just in time for summer.

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